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A partial, or over-denture, is essentially a form of dentures for people that have lost multiple teeth, yet still by and large have function in most of the rest of their mouth. This set of removable teeth that are designed to help you regain full function of your mouth. Most people are fitted for a partial due to advanced gum disease, tooth decay or multiple extractions after a serious injury.

There might still be a few teeth in your mouth that need extraction before you can be fitted for a partial. In some cases the dentist might even refer you to an oral surgeon for a bone graft procedure to regain structure in your gums. Dr. Sonja Munoz and Dr. Stephen Pere may perform tooth extraction if necessary. In some cases a partial might be crafted to fit over existing teeth, with no extraction necessary.

If you do require an extraction the recovery time can vary depending on your overall health, the health of your gums and the number of teeth extracted.

Keep in mind that the artificial teeth in your partial do not stain the same way that your natural teeth do. If the partial is replacing teeth in your smile you may want to cut back on foods and drinks that are prone to staining as well as tobacco use.

In time you will get used to the fit and feel of your partial and develop a daily regimen for keeping them clean.

If you’re thinking of getting a partial or you have questions about your current set, please feel free to give us a call at 941-926-9888 to schedule an appointment.