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At Sterling Dental, we can seal away tooth decay when we place a dental sealant. This preventive treatment is often used for children in order to protect their molars and premolars from developing a cavity. In fact, a sealant can reduce one’s risk for tooth decay by 70%.

What is a dental sealant? It is simply a plastic resin that is either clear or tooth-colored. What the sealant does is fill the pits and fissures in the chewing surface of your back teeth. While these pits and fissures are designed to grind food, they can also trap it as well as plaque bacteria. These areas are hard to clean, so the plaque can linger and produce acids that cause decay. A sealant will smooth these areas so they are easier to clean and don’t trap food and plaque.

We begin this procedure by cleaning your teeth. Our team then applies an acidic solution that etches the surface of the tooth. Roughening the surface of a tooth helps the sealant to bond more easily to it. After the etching, we will rinse and dry your tooth. Our dentist then brushes the sealant onto the tooth, and hardens it with a curing light. Remember that sealants should be used in conjunction with other preventive procedures, including oral hygiene, dental checkups, and fluoride treatments. Call Dr. Borys Averbukh today if you want to learn more about our dental sealants in Sarasota, Florida.