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Before you decide to whiten your smile with an over-the-counter whitening treatment, we encourage you to consider Zoom! Whitening. Zoom! Whitening is an in-office treatment that can give you your perfect smile in no time. It is a new-and-improved way of whitening your teeth and it offers stunning results.

How do I know Zoom! Whitening is the best treatment for me?
To help you know if this treatment is best for you, we encourage you to come into our office and meet with your dentist. During this appointment, your dentist will examine your entire oral cavity and will determine the health and condition of your teeth and gums. If your teeth and gums are in tip-top shape, there is nothing standing in the way of you and this treatment!

What is the process involved in Zoom! Whitening?
The process involved in the whitening treatment is simple and painless. First, your dentist will cover your lips and gums to protect them from the whitening solution. Then, he will paint the solution onto your teeth. Once your teeth are covered, your dentist will activate the solution with a special light. The activation process should only take 15 minutes. When the time is up, your dentist will re-apply the solution and will repeat the same process two additional times. The total time for your appointment will be about 45 minutes.

What do I do after my smile is whitened?
There is no need to worry about the aftercare of your treatment. Your dentist will give you the tools and instructions you need to be successful. One of the tools he will give you is a touch-up kit to use at home. This kit should include custom-fitted whitening trays that will keep your smile radiant and bright. Your dentist will also warn you of the foods, drinks, and products that could discolor your smile once again.

To find out more about Zoom! Whitening, please feel free to call Sterling Dental today at 941-926-9888 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Borys Averbukh. Your dentist is here to help you in any way he can and he will also be happy to examine your smile to find out if this is the best treatment for you. All you need to do is call now and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience!