When a patient is missing most or all of their teeth, Dr. Borys Averbukh may suggest dentures in Sarasota, Florida. A denture replaces the missing teeth in your smile, as well as the surrounding tissues. This appliance is removable. At Sterling Dental, we offer both partial and complete dentures. Partial dentures are used when a patient still has one or more teeth in their upper or lower jaw. Complete dentures are used when all of the patient’s natural teeth are missing. Ask our dentist which type of denture is right for you.
Holding a Teeth Denture — Dentures in Sarasota, FL
The denture making process takes several weeks and a few appointments to complete. Our dentist will first decide which type of denture is right for you. Then, a series of impressions are taken of your jaw and measurements are taken of how your jaws relate to each other. Our dentist then creates models in the exact shape and size of the future denture. You will try on these models so that the shape, color, and fit can be checked. Adjustments are made until everything is as it should be. Then, the final denture is cast. Final adjustments are made as necessary.

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